Coco Store

Coco Store is a Finnish company founded by two young female entrepreneurs. Our goal is to offer beautiful products for home decoration, organization and storage. For us, the idea started from a desire for unity, harmony and order at home and in everyday life. We think that unity in products creates harmony and peace of mind, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We want to put together a selection of products in our online store that everyone can use to create a visually calming place in their home. We constantly strive to bring new-style home accessories and products to our online store to make everyday life easier. The idea came from our own inspiration to decorate and furnish the home and our love for the small luxuries of everyday life.

We also have a selection of Coco accessories and clothes that strongly reflect Coco's color scheme and minimalism, which we want to highlight in our store. In accessories, there are products for everyday life, and in our clothing selection, there are clothes for both lounging around and working out. In addition to the home, we want to support and inspire people to systematize and health holistically. Although our inspiration was primarily home products, we feel that balancing everyday life also brings its own part to the whole, which is where our inspiration came from to create clothes and accessories with our own harmonious color scheme, without forgetting minimalism.

"Manifest your dream life" For us personally, as entrepreneurs, spirituality has also been a really big part of establishing Coco Store. We want to support and act as an inspiration and a sign to other people as well, that they dare to dream big and set out to pursue and jump into the unknown because of them. This is also where our statement "manifest your dream life" was born, we feel that this one sentence also supported us when starting the company and we hope that someone could also get inspiration from it.

You can also find easy-to-use tips for everyday life on our social media accounts.

Our goal is to create a retail store in the future, where you can find everything you need to organize your home and make everyday life easier. We want to realize our dream and be able to design and make new products easily available. We focus on constantly developing and expanding our product range and taking into account our customers' satisfaction.

We are constantly developing our business operations more towards sustainable development. It is important to us that the products are responsibly produced and safe to use.